The Other Shoe Drops

Or: Fiske bows out.

With hardly a whimper or whine, or even a sound of footsteps towards the door, Colin Fiske has given notice that he will not run for President of the Northcoast Coop when his term expires. 

Our hope is that Colin actually read the results of our 18 month investigation and understood, finally, that he presided over two very crooked upper level employees who destroyed over eight hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars of real, tangible, in-the-bank-account money earned by the Arcata Coop.

When Colin entered into the role of President and CEO he was enthused and empowered, and, well, ignorant. Ignorant of how to run a business (he never has), ignorant of how to govern (even politics in his own “club”, which he personally formed), ignorant of how to listen to criticism and not take it as a threat to his omnipotence, and, finally, ignorant of how to understand small town politics.

He prolly more educated now. 

The whole intention of this website was to make the member/owners aware of the predicament that our Coop had landed in. With the removal of the incompetent Melanie Bettenhausen (which Colin Fiske adamantly objected to), and the hiring of a very capable new manager, (which Colin Fiske protested), the Arcata Coop has a chance. They actually are up to six days of buffer capital. (wow..)

The Arcata Coop, on the day of this publication, was well manned by competent floor staff who      were diligently making sure that shoppers were safe and had every tool available to make it so. The produce section was bursting with the vibrant colors of a healthy springtime yield. All hands were on deck, and doing a dandy job of efforting to keep the ship plowing forward. The staff showed great attitude and the store resonated with positive energy. It was a sight for sore eyes. 

Hallelujah. We made it.

As for the bloodsucking parasites who were finally shed from the Northcoast Coop company, one went to work as an administrator for HSU Jolly Giant Food. (HSU has a policy of never checking anything deeply that sounds great, in case it isn’t.) Usually it takes about 18 to 24 months for bad eggs to crack, then stink up, and then be removed. Stay vigilant for the smell of that one..

The second one, after being told to show up to work – or quit – simply drove her Mercedes Benz home and kept watering her (fairly large) State compliant cannabis farm in SoHum and Grass Valley. (yeah, we found that one, too…) This gal shows so much talent in her history of connivery that she, most likely, will never be caught. But keep checking LOCO or Kim Kemp for who goes down in local ICE busts. Yep.  

As it stands today: Stay safe and wash you hands !   Cheers !!

6 thoughts on “The Other Shoe Drops

  1. Mary Ella Anderson April 14, 2020 — 9:44 pm

    Okay! Thanks for the update. From observing the Arcata City Council in operation, I think that HSU and the City of Arcata, are primarily working to satisfy the needs of the upper classes and what remains of middle class in this city. But it’s good news that Colin will take his lack of skills to another organization because that means that the members now have a good chance of getting control of their co-op. Now is the time to strategically plan for returning to member control of the board and not the board controlling the membership. When this all started and I called for members to get involved, no one responded. If the members don’t step up now, the co-op could very likely go under. How about passing some of this stay at home time to read through the fictional financial reports and the censored meeting minutes. You might be surprised by what you find.


  2. Can Melanie or Colon Fist be prosecuted!


  3. Why hasn’t Collin already stepped down? Why wait until the end of his term?


  4. Mr. Fiske has not stepped down because it would imply acknowledgment of guilt. He has stepped away from “MR PRESIDENT” after the Securities fraud he committed. He terms out after October 14th of this year.
    There are other even more serious issues that have recently arisen which may become headlines soon.
    When they emerge you will read about them here and in the larger press.


    1. Any more updates coming soon?


  5. Is it true that
    Colin fiske’s girlfriend
    And Sean’s wife were roommates in college?
    If so should we be worried?


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