Dodged The Bullet

It should come as a relief to the C-Shares holders that ALL of the untruthful material posted under the previous administration and General Manager against contributors to SaveOurCoop dot Org has been removed from the NorthCoast Coop website. Thanks to the guys in the I. T. department as well as Sean the new General Manager. Falsely claiming that we engaged in “shoplifting” was a piece that the folks who check for bullsh#t should have caught much less contributed to. Who were those folks? In any case, we appreciate not having to drag the cupidity and stupidity of a previous regime into the spotlight of the Superior Courts here in Humboldt County.

1 thought on “Dodged The Bullet

  1. Mary Ella Anderson February 21, 2020 — 1:26 am

    It should come as a relief to Colin as well, since he was so eager to follow Melanie’s lead. I am glad the co-op has a good manager again and look forward to seeing the end of the board members (Colin, James, Leah and Leah’s gullible friend replace by people who put the welfare of the co-op and its members first and don’t use their position to promote themselves.


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