Opportunity Makes The Thief

Or: What’s the difference in larceny and embezzlement ?

Francis Bacon, who wrote these words, was the Attorney General for the Queen of England about four hundred fifty years ago. In pursuit of his trade he developed a technique which later became the current model for scientific reasoning. His thrust was to gather facts and make observations – and then connect the dots to color in a “probable truth”. It is a process called inductive reasoning. This is in contrast to deductive reasoning which deduces, from a known and foregone conclusion, what the logical pieces leading up to this known conclusion might be. The end product of a deductive argument is a foregone, demonstrable and evident conclusion, or what before we used to call a ” known truth”. The process of inductive reasoning yields a conclusion in the process that we normally call the “probable truth”.

Bacon wrote his thoughts up and they were published. People saw the sense in how he conducted his investigations and reached probable conclusions. The popularity of this method grew because it made sense and was a reproducible process. Well, that and the fact the Queen paid for the printing. Much of new science is based on inductive reasoning, and this is how Francis Bacon got his imprimatur attached to the term “scientific reasoning” even though he was a lawyer and philosopher.

The relevance of scientific reasoning to this present Save Our Coop post is that it relates to the manner of research into how the previous General Manager was able to lose at least eight hundred thousand dollars during the last three year period. It was a period of time when standard record keeping was non-existent at any Northcoast Coop facility. That fact was made clear by three yearly outside audits which ended with letters from national accountants stating that the books were, in their terms: “garbage.”

Additionally, the necessity of conducting the research from the standpoint of inductive, and not deductive reasoning, was forced upon the authors of the Save The Coop site when Colin Fiske enabled a policy of deleting members’ accounts of people who pissed him off. Not surprising that it started with the Coop member account of the lead researcher delving into the fiasco he presided over. Made evident from his displayed petulant behavior, he was likely fed up with having illumination shown on several immutable facts, the most dangerous of which is the commission of wire fraud when he promoted, and had printed in the Eureka Times Standard, that the value of hard assets of the Coop were twice that of what they are – while at the same instant publicly soliciting for new investment. At the time, infusion of funds were needed because he and Bettenhausen had run the Coop clean out of cash.

How did Fiske and Bettenhausen manage to remove members ? They began this trend through simple unabashed fiat – just sending rejection letters and twenty five dollar checks to members they despised for bothering them. At first it was done with no discussion, no presentation of facts, no rebuttals – which is diametrically opposed to the very clear rules in the Northcoast Coop Bylaws. Getting away with it and no questions asked, this trend has spooled up and he has just canceled several more Coop membership accounts with no discussion. These acts of rejection have nothing to do with dormancy and non use. One of those recently expelled, whose member number was delisted – was even Board member of the Northcoast Coop Member Action Committee – who was also engaged in trying to find out, and help cure, what has gone wrong.

Attempting to phony up a story to justify these acts – he allowed Melanie Bettenhausen to petition the Arcata and Eureka police departments to provide protection to meetings due to a alleged violent threat to old women and children. She called the police and asked them to supply security to several board meetings – even though no one had ever witnessed abuse, violence or terrorism. The objections these people raised could not even be considered disruption since everyone raised their hand before they spoke.

The police never sent anyone over to the meetings; the Arcata Police Department has never been staffed by inexperienced fools. Some of their guys are young, but none of them are dummies. As they are trained in college, legal protocol did not allow them to let Melanie know that the APD had been quietly and voluntarily contacted by the alleged named parties in Melanie’s story. The police were informed directly and understood that the lead researcher for this site is, indeed, a University trained and certified Private Investigator. Not knowing that full disclosure of this fact had immediately been made directly to the APD – and that there was no intention of harm – Melanie, egged on by one of her department heads, continued crying wolf, and having her toady Emily Walter write up fabricated stories in the Coop News about needing more client safety due to increased tensions and risks from disgruntled members and other bums.

To set the record straight for the readers who were not in attendance, this pesky, (and now delisted,) member, when recognized by Fiske after raising his hand during a board of directors meeting, walked to the front of the room, shook his finger at Fiske and Bettenhausen and in a scolding voice said: “Who has the tape of these meetings ? You are NOT going to hock our building and borrow another five hundred thousand dollars after just losing six hundred thousand ! “.

Verbal assault? Violent behavior ? Not hardly.

There is a copy of this interesting tape available to any member, since, at that time, these board meetings were digitally recorded. The reason they are not taped any longer is because several of the board members are being personally sued based on foolish things they spouted and did during these meetings. Colin Fiske pulled that honest tool out of availability to the members, and he will likely say that the Coop lawyer recommended it. But the recording of the November and December meetings exists. It differs considerably in both content and spirit from what Emily Walter routinely reports.

As luck would have it, this recording was how the final mystery began to unravel, and someone’s Bacon began to sizzle.

From examination of the record it was recognized that, after this disgruntled pesky member peacefully walked out there was a Coop employee sitting in the back, who raised her voice and shouted “That man is a threat!”… into the silence of the crowd.

Several of the old ladies sitting near her in the back murmured agreement, coffee clatch style, and, after the board meeting, the employee who raised her voice advised Melanie to get together with these old gals to assuage their mental discomfort. Then this employee took their names and asked if they were willing to tell their story of alleged verbal assault and threat to the Arcata police. The very next day, they did. This started a whole series of moves that occupied alot of time by the APD officers working on crimes against women and children, which, by the way receives generous grant funding from Sacramento.

Without a court order, the APD cannot reveal how many meetings and hours were spent on this case, but Melanie and the other Coop employee giving her guidance put maximum effort into pressing for a criminal charge against the member, including, – so the rumor goes – child endangerment because there could have been children present. But, try as they might, under professional questioning by the APD, there did not exist anything more than an old dude standing up in front of the board, shaking his finger and scolding them for attempting to hock the Arcata Coop Store building. However, the Arcata Police Department puts a great emphasis on keeping women and children safe in out town, so they naturally kept this pesky Coop member dialed in on their crosshairs with their methods of safety diligence. It’s their job.

Unfortunately for Fiske and Bettenhausen, all these strange efforts to shake this University trained private investigator off their game had the opposite effect.

Eleven months passed, and Bettenhausen was recently summarily dismissed a month before the end of her contract. This was done on the advice of professionals so that she could not booger up the digital works of the Northcoast Coop when she found out she was not being rehired. Seriously damaging parting shots made by people who know they are being fired is a regular thing in our digital age. A new guy from up north, Sean, had been interviewed and checked out several times – and was finally hired to be the new General Manager. Finally – a smart move.

It was a painful process to witness, even for the many folks who dislike her. Melanie had tried every single thing she could to keep her five hundred dollar a day job. In the last week of her disastrous term as General Manager, one of her favorite Coop employees – the one with which she had worked with so often on getting a criminal verbal assault case drawn up by the Arcata Police – wrote and circulated a petition to all the departmental managers. This higher level employee asked them all to sign her letter to the board which said, roughly paraphrased: “Melanie Bettenhausen is the best General Manager the Coop has ever known and she should be chosen to continue…” All of the department heads, store managers and deputy managers signed, except for one, since it was point blank obvious that Melanie (and her henchpersons) would find a way to fire them if she were retained as General Manager. She had already fired the Arcata Coop Manager on less provocation. It turned out that the one department head who did not sign faced no risk because they had already turned in a notice to resign and go to work for another firm. This lack of solidarity caused the gambit to lose its tumescence and was ignored by the selection committee and board.

To no avail; this was Melanie’s last rescue balloon. The next day, Coop employees arrived unexpectedly at the door to her office and immediately walked her down the stairs and out to her car. It was finally over. With no fanfare, Sean slid into the wheelhouse and set to work.

Why did it take so long to make the change when it only took fifteen minutes to get rid of Bettenhausen’s predecessor ? Read on…

A couple months have gone by and it reveals that Sean’s got the right bona fides for general manager duties and seems to primarily be doing fine. The only fly in the ointment, and not a big fly, turns out when it was discovered a month later that Sean’s wife and Colin Fiske’s wife were almost certainly pretty good acquaintainences – and almost certainly spent a good bit of time in the same school laboratories. Oops ! Fiske, when recently confronted with the question of why he didn’t mention this, turned red in the face, and became quite combatative, which is not his natural quiet sulking behavior. Hmmm. What would Francis Bacon make of that ?

Perhaps if Fiske attends the fantastic personal training of proper board member conduct currently being offered by Humboldt Area Foundation for those who are on non profit board of directors, he will become educated.

The fact is, if true, having ANY personal connections or relationships to store management violates any board member’s fiduciary responsibility – and continues to expose the Coop to more possible lawsuits because it violates State statutes. The colossal rise in the cost of Directors and Officers insurance (D&O) for the Northcoast Coop, may, in the end, be the only real legacy Fiske leaves at the Coop when he, finally gets voted out. That, and having the recording device removed from board meetings.

To be fair, Fiske is actually a valuable asset to the community for the research he does on transportation issues, and he has demonstrated a masterful understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure. However his lack of real management skills and experience have caused the Vice President and three board members to quit during his reign. These highly experienced folks walked off, not only because of his lack of ability to engage with people of contrary beliefs, but, more importantly, because both Fiske and Bettenhausen have had no idea of when they are breaking the law, and, cynically don’t care. This is understandable because usually there are only a few people who show up at any Board Meetings. Even in main elections there are only about five hundred of the thirteen thousand active members who even send a ballot in. The membership, primarily, is asleep. Any why not, it’s just a freaking grocery store for crying out loud. How hard can it be ?

But all sides of this thing share something in common. We all may be the actual chumps who have been standing on the tip of an iceberg of likely crime floating down the street.

The author apologizes for this abnormally long intro. It was written to provide a deeper bit of background that leads to the main question of today’s communication.

The question, and final point we address may be similar in nature to the existential one we have all heard so many times: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, has it made a sound.?

The relevant question today, in regard to the Northcoast Coop peccadillo, is this: “If a thief hauls a load off and nobody can see it, is it a crime ?”

Even with Trumpenhausen down the pike, there was still looming an ominous question regarding the size of the losses. Here’s why:

When the authors of this website reached out for professional help from two different off-duty law enforcement officers knowledgeable of white collar crime – as well as one County supervisor from an adjacent county – they all, independently, drew the same two conclusions of what had gone wrong in this current Coop peccadillo – and how it could have carried on losing so much money for three years.

The conclusions from these folks yielded only two possibilities.

First, it was clear to them that Bettenhausen likely held Ponzi by the shorthairs because he had signed some sort of state document of attestation claiming that the books were straight and compliant, even though there were no such books. This issue is probably already behind us unless another lawsuit is opened up against the Coop due to Fiske’s lack of experience.

The second conclusion was this: “Who is the thief?”. The reason they all believed this conclusion is because the amounts of the visible losses were so high that, even allowing for colossal wiggle room for the obvious errors in the numbers supplied by Bettenhausen, there was still an imbalance of accounts at a staggering figure. This number was so high it could never be explained by “shrinkage” which is the formal trade term for employees jacking a case here or there, (and even occurs at Safeway.)

Based on their suggestions, the authors of this site made a vigilant, comprehensive and prolonged effort to find out who that might be. Unfortunately for the general membership, no one of our group was allowed to examine books or records of the Northcoast Coop, as is stipulated in the Charter and Bylaws. Already facing felony wire fraud, Fiske likely knew it would be his undoing to allow this, in addition to his straight up smoldering resentment for those involved in tipping over his political table. This happens regularly when someone gets sued and they know they are caught. Ask any of them.

So an investigation was conducted on the street from the outside of the building which Fiske and Bettenhausen had manged to ban us. Over time, and with help, yes, we conducted reconnaissance on all the board members, looking for indications of undeclared income, and, perhaps a side mechanism from which to fence the inventory assumed to be being filched from the loading docks of the Arcata, Eureka or Ten Pin warehouse. We knew this because, – before the microphone was removed from the board meetings and Emily Walter began write fantastical prose about what occurs – it had been glibly revealed by Bettenhausen that there was no digital collation program that accounted for flows from out of the Ten Pin building to the stores, and, furthermore, that none of the loads coming into any of the buildings was cross checked against the invoice or bill of lading. Unbeleivable as it is, this admission is still on the tapes, unless Fiske or Bettenhausen were able to destroy them.

Here’s the crazy thing:

The results of six months of observations and checking convinced the authors of this website that none of the directors, nor even Bettenhausen, showed inexplicable income – nor did they show an ability to understand how to fence, likely, at least over one quarter million dollars in products.

As luck would have it, the critical clue came from a different side of the picture.

Once our primary goal of Bettenhausen’s removal was achieved, research was put in to the effort of how to restore membership to the folks who have been stripped of their membership by these great folks that Colin Fiske leads. While doing word for word research on what was said and done – there was a voice and a face that began to appear, like a crazy common denominator, showing up in all of the scenarios pitched against those of us who had been working to scrape the incompetents from their seats before the whole shebang went broke.

There had been so much time spent researching the visible but limited details – of all the officers and General Manager – that we had pretty much given up on finding the thief, if there even was one. But, on a hunch, several of us began to dig in to this character who showed up in the background of every scene, guiding and helping officers, directors, committee members and managers with schemes to hold the status quo- but never stepping into the public limelight of the arguments, nor being named in any of Emily Walters’ written fairy tales of what occurred at these various meetings. But they were on the tape.

Lo, and behold, BINGO – at the bottom of alot of confusing search documents – there the black and white evidence about this person finally jumped out at us.

Its remarkable luck that this possibility was discovered with no access to any documents nor questions answered by the Coop. And without a court order allowing us into the deep data bases controlled by the state, it can take alot of examination, headscratching and backtracking to find someone – particularly an experienced professional – with three aliases, three physical addresses and two companies (both with business profiles that show direct competition with the Northcoast Coop).

This is what was discovered in bold print so nobody misses it:

An upper level Northcoast Coop employee with three active aliases, three physical addresses and two competing companies has been guiding the officers, managers and committee members for three years.

Brazen ? It gets even better and the juice may drown the cockiness of attitude several on the Board of Directors continue to exhibit.

One of the companies was listed as having four employees and revenue which matched, within reason, our projection of losses loosely extrapolated from the numbers Melanie had provided before the microphone was yanked. This company was registered to a physical address which turned out to be a simple small home in McKinleyville which could not even house four occupants. People in the Coop, other than Melanie, didn’t even know this employee had a home in McKinleyville.

The researcher for this site, exhibiting typical disruptive behavior, called the McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce and left a name and number after asking about this business entity. It is highly likely that the McKinleyville Chamber pinged the business about the phone call; it’s their job. Within a few days after the phone call to the Chamber of Commerce made by the researcher – the Coop employee with three aliases and two companies appeared to begin to fold up the businesses. Internet records began to show things closing, and digital records began to be pulled down off the web. Screenshots were already saved, natch. Only owners can do these purging acts unless you are deeply hacked. Likely, the Coop employee knew they had been found out. Interestingly, this occurred at the same time the Coop moved out of the Ten Pin warehouse. Smell Bacon sizzling yet?

The very next week the person with three active aliases, in their position at the Coop, cooked up a statement from two employees who worked the floor – alleging that they were intimidated by this pesky researcher due to an alleged photo which appeared in this blog, even though their faces could not be seen. Then the employee with three aliases got Melanie Bettenhausen to write a memo which Emily Walter published on the Coop website – alleging that this researcher was a threat to employees and also a shoplifter. It was formally written up and sent to the Arcata and Eureka Police Departments – charging guilt of trespass and shoplifting. And then it was published as such on the NorthCoast Coop website in a pdf.

It was becoming obvious that someone maybe had something to hide. The ironic thing is that Bettenhausen, herself, in addition to Fiske, and his loyal henchwomen Emily Walter, and Leah Stamper (who have written and published copius cocked up Coop News drivel in contradiction of the recordings) – probably got played by this employee with three aliases and a competing companies. Reading it now is, likely, the first they hear of it. (Or not?) ??

So now what ?

When the researcher explained the likelihood of this scenario to a segment of the current new crop of board members (who know he isn’t a shoplifter), he also suggested that the possibility had to be handled in a delicate manner because, in the strictest legal sense, the crime could never be proven due to the fact that the records of materials into and out of the Ten Pin building, or ANY Coop store, simply did not exist.

So, once again we ask: “If a thief makes a haul and nobody can tell, it is a crime ?”

The answer under California Law, is “no”. And it is also why this employee’s name (nor any of the three aliases) does not appear here. There was no crime committed. They are not a criminal, at least related to this crazy history. Actually, this person is one smart cookie.

So, as it unfolded, nothing could be said to this employee that reflected the suspicion raised by our research and inductive reasoning, disruptive as it is. None of it can ever be proven because records, measurements and books are non existent for the three years it was likely occurring. Who let that happen Colin Fiske ?

Well, except for the Coop bank account. It became a big goose egg in December of last year That’s a tangible fact.

If you think about it, and don’t give any weight to the moral question, it was a brilliant and brazen mind which constructed this system, and because this story is just a fantasy, which it may be, and remain, due to the fact that nobody can get to records that don’t even exist.

Something certainly happened.. and something needed to happen to get this non criminal employee with three active aliases and two competing companies out the door. The author recommended extreme tactical caution in what was said. There is nothing illegal about having three aliases and two companies, and there was no provable crime related to the Coop under California law.

Furthermore, in California a corporation can’t just fire people and communicate to them that it was based on implications which cannot be proven – or you get your butt sued off. {Just ask Vince – the previous Arcata Coop store manager whose lawyer is about to rack up a big haul for him …} And not only that, this very clever employee, by now, has alot of money legally showing – and can certainly hire a legal gun slinger to start a countervailing legal firefight.

To allay the concerns of members who have C-Shares and churning stomachs reading this, it is clear that invoices, bills of lading and records are checked now, of course, since several people have raised a stink. Sean, the new General Manager is not an idiot. And Barney the bookkeeper has got his arms around it. However, for three previous years that this possible perpetrator, or, shall we be legal and just call them a “person of interest” worked at the coop, these normal procedures were never followed, even though they were addressed, formally in actual physical letters of warning from the auditors. These scary formal letters didn’t seem to disrupt anyone on the Board, and due to close, regular and friendly relations they maintained with these employees on a political campaign for a current Humboldt County Supervisor who won by the slimmest of margins following his public endorsement on the Northcoast Coop website, this issue remains litiginous since it violates California State Cooperative Law.

But back to the chase !

What a beautiful opportunity ! Francis Bacon was right. “Opportunity makes a thief.” But what makes a person a thief if they don’t make a single measurable mark by their hoist?

The opportunity at the Northcoast Coop was so beautiful because, other than a zero in the bank account, there is not a record, or numbers that can be backed out of how it occurred. Barney knows this and simply shoved all the garbage numbers back on a previous year. And rightly so. Therefore, when there is no crime that can be proven its just better to keep quiet and remove the turd as cleanly and quietly as possible.

So what is the conclusion of this crazy investigation fantasy that we have cooked up?

As the plot progressed towards conclusion it turned out that this person of interest was being paid about eighty five thousand dollars a year by the Coop and mostly “working from home” because Bettenhausen allowed it. They were big friends. Actually, it was Bettenhausen who hired this employee. Fancy that !

In a stroke of genius the new General Manager addressed this employee in a regular conversation about job performance and the person of interest was told that they had to be working from their desk for an eight hour day – to be paid the eighty five thousand dollars salary they were receiving.

What was the result ? The best and absolute greatest possibility.

The employee (person of interest) then abruptly turned and gave notice and quit.

This, folks, was the most wonderful possible outcome. Kudos to the new General Manager or James Kloor for finding a way to get a very slippery, but totally legal, operator out the door with no bumps.

And we will never name the name. There was no crime committed. Maybe this person of interest was just hungry and the doors were left open. Maybe this is just a fabricated story. And by the way, any resemblance to real people or real life is unintentional and purely coincidental. If someone feels otherwise, please send an email on the contact form and we will delete anything you want. Immediately.

Everyone should heave a huge sigh of relief, whether this is probable truth or completely concocted fiction.


The NorthCoast Coop has now turned the corner.

Thanks for those who helped us pull the fat out of the fire on this. You know who you are.

Thanks for the fact that we have laws in our society that protect women and children, and that our excellently educated local police are not duped by people who try to abuse the intent while engaged in the of the application of these laws.

Thanks for the program directors at Humboldt Area Foundation for recognizing a gaping need and, in a timely fashion, providing the high quality training for the inexperienced brave folks who have never heard the term fiduciary but step up and take volunteer positions on local boards. These classes are going on now, and not a minute too early. Sponsoring and setting up these programs that address real, and pressing needs has elevated the community standing of HAF . Good management !

And finally, thanks for the employees of the Coop who have rolled with the punches and not quit. Apologies to all the workers and former directors who got stepped on, squashed or fired for speaking truth to power. The garbage is taken out, and conditions will now improve. Sean knows his game.

Apologies to any other folks who feel they have been hurt in this sixteen month long process of removing an incompetent General Manager. The intention was never to personally trash anyone, but if it feels as though you were, remember it was your fiduciary duty to straighten this out, not ours, as simple members.

Nevertheless, please accept our sincere apologies. If you step back ten feet you will see that we all got played. And in spite of this, our Coop – our local legend – still lives. This is integral to addressing the needs of a vibrant local sustainable future.

For the members: This dark period of troubles is most likely over – unless..

Be forewarned that the Northcoast Coop may only have thirty days before a well known local orders the Marshall to deliver a State writ dealing with the inconsistencies between what was digitally recorded in these meetings and the fantasy that Emily Walter and Leah Stamper have concocted as board minutes and approved by the Board of Directors and publicly published. Some of it is straight up, easily proven character defamation. This character defamation is why the venerable Vice President, Robert Donovan resigned last spring. Perhaps its one of the reason’s Mary Ella Anderson resigned. It is also what the Coop attorney has SPECIFICALLY warned the board about. If the situation is not rectified, this Board of Directors’ fiasco, for some specific individuals, moves from the fantasy state – and becomes an undeniable matter of public State record. Once on that public docket it becomes indelible. Indelible means it will forever wreck reputations and aspirations for local political office some of you have. It can be removed from your web site as well as this one comes down. You are in charge. Right now, its all just a fairy tale – but in thirty days it may likely become a very public story of cupidity and defamation – and a million dollar lawsuit, minimum. Your D&O insurance policy guys may certainly not like that, they be shucking out already. Sorry to be so disruptive.

19 thoughts on “Opportunity Makes The Thief

  1. Mary Ella Anderson January 12, 2020 — 11:21 pm

    I believe Robert’s last name is Donovan. Colin stated that Robert had been elected “by mistake,” the idea being that the membership is so apathetic that it will do whatever he tells them to do. He complained a lot about the senior discounts on Tuesday and expressed a desire to end the discounts. He preferred elders with money to invest in the schemes he and Melanie were cooking up. I would like to be a member of a food co-op but I prefer honesty and openness in groups I belong to. I wonder if the co-op will ever be anything other than a career platform for Colin Fiske and screw everyone else. There is a vast gap between the co-op principles and the actual practices of the local co-op as imposed by the board members who are carefully selected to see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. They are beyond redemption. But someday perhaps a real co-op will exist in this county.


    1. Mary Ella, Thanks for your input on this latest piece. Your comments, as one of the abused, and ousted, Northcoast Coop board members that Fiske & Company disrespected for so long, are an attestation of the intended accuracy of this blog. I share your hope that something positive may come of the situation from public understanding. Thanks !


  2. Mary Ella Anderson January 20, 2020 — 11:27 pm

    I do hope that the North Coast Co-op will someday be a real co-op where the board members are not trying to build a political career for themselves and are determined to build a strong and open co-op. I now realized that the fix was in long before the election and at least one previous board member who was also a farmer was one of the group that ultimately seized control of the co-op and started its downhill slide. At the time the idea was they were doing it for the greater good of the members, but now we see clearly that it was gambit to enrich themselves. Besides which, if you’ve attended any meetings at all, you will note that Colin does follow the meeting guidelines posted on the wall. Good behavior is only required of the members, never the board. Colin should be embarrassed. He a phony from beginning to end.


    1. Thanks again, Mary Ella. We appreciate your input. I do not know Colin Fiske well enough to name him a phony from beginning to end, but I can attest that it appears he has made consistently self serving decisions in every position he has arrived into in this county. Yes, he should be embarrassed for presiding over the loss of almost one million dollars of Coop members’ money but the fact that he is not, nor has there been even the slightest apology, indicates a trait of his character that will, in time, shine through all of his endeavors here. It will catch up with him because the truth will out. He presents himself as a specialist researcher in some locally popular schemes but once you scratch the surface you find there is no depth of experience, nor anything but very shallow slipshod research into his subjects. Recently the 350 Humboldt group published a research paper he authored that didn’t even accurately describe the actual historical output of the electrical generation devices the paper was about. These kinds of sloppy and inaccurate results will catch up with him sooner or later. Don’t despair ! Give a thief enough rope and he will hang himself. We have seen it before…. Cheers !


  3. I have recently, and unfortunately come into contact with the person that will not be named. I actually started looking into her, with no prior knowledge of the possible wrongdoings. But, what do you know!! How could i have possibly guessed that she is a shady person with a shady past. She is exactly what you would expect her to be. Panicky, Bi-Polar, under-qualified, selfish, and very manipulative. Never really paying attention to what you are saying, because she probably always thinks that the gig is up, and that the cops are gonna come for her at any time. Robert, i would love to speak with you personally to compare notes. I hope everything turns out well for everyone.


  4. Dear Contribtor: It would be interesting to hear what you know about this character of interest. I sense that you have also made discoveries of the several aliases and connected business fronts she has recently closed down. The Arcata Police, nor the CA Secretary of State cannot spend time and are not able to act on intangible damages. I appreciate the opportunity to track the person of interest, since her false police reports were intended to deflect and throw the investigation into the fraud occurring at the Northcoast Coop. These crimes occurred under the guidance of the former General Manager Melanie Bettenausen and currently demoted, former President, Colin Fiske.


    1. Right i understand that the crimes occured under those people, but she is the one that needs to be punished. They as well if they had any involvement. She is still around.


  5. Is she Humboldt Made?


    1. Dear Contributor:
      No, this is not a product of Humboldt, nor even, fully, the USA. Nor is she a maid.
      Good question.


      1. Wayback Machine is an interesting tool.


      2. The Devil sits just under the surface with her. Truly a sick person. Obvious Cluster B characteristics.


    2. She is not from here if that is what you are asking. And coincidentally she works somewhere with Humboldt in the title…


  6. The new store manager
    At the arcata coop Who has not even been with company for a year
    Just fired a 21 year employee during the middle of a pandemic that was struggling with Health problems and also recently started caring for his child full time.
    Instead of working with this employee with compassion
    The store manager targeted them specifically to fire them telling them
    “I hear it’s hard to get fired from the coop
    But this is how it’s done you can go to the union if you want but I have you on video”
    So now all the long term employees are worried and the morale is very low and everyone issaddened to lose this person that has been apart of the coop for 21 years
    In another incident
    Another employee that was out with health related problems was took into the office and fed lines and then yelled at for the way they answered
    This new manager is bad news for the coop and needs to go


    1. We appreciate your input. Maybe the GM needs anger management therapy ? Does anyone on the BOD know about this? And the 21 year employee was accused by the GM, who claimed a video of what existed ?. Are they losing money again ?


      1. Not the general manager
        The store manager


      2. I wrote an email to the board


      3. Nice. Thanks. I found this on the shallow dive. Dont know if its current. > 03 JulStore Manager needed at North Coast Co-op in Arcata, CA (Arcata) California , Humboldt county

        Vacancy caducado!

        To be considered for this position, please submit:

        A cover letter explaining your desire for the position, availability, and the skills, qualifications and experiences that make you an excellent candidate;

        A resume containing your work history, educational background and relevant licenses and certifications;

        Three professional references including phone number and relationship

        Apply at: https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/NOR1050NCCOP/JobBoard/ec9e3a4a-afd4-4ee8-a6b5-4d3767816852/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=69906fc7-aeaa-4f3c-b90b-e538130f8b6c


        Responsible for the timely and cost-effective performance of the Arcata store location. Provides operational oversite and support services for all Operations Departments (Operations Departments exclude administrative staff and the Prepared Foods Department). Directs and supervises Assistant Store Managers and all Operations Department Heads, providing training and professional development.


  7. That’s an old post


    1. Figures.


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