The New General Manager Is Here !

Welcome Sean!

Our new General Manager !

Yaay !

Some employees noted that Mr. Davenport, head of IT,  has held a steady hand on the helm for the last month, while Melanie flew the coop. (Literally,  she’s nowhere to be found). Morale is now truly rising and the stage is set for a gradual turnaround in the fortunes of our illustrious NorthCoast Coop.  Keep your fingers crossed !

Bettenhausen, prior to being relieved of her position, in a final act of despair, stubbornly tried to declare a deadlock in the negotiations with the employee union stewards – but it was brought to her attention by someone that neither side had even begun negotiations, only a discovery process.

Crazy Girl ! It had taken her four years to produce the prerequisite accounting documents for the talks to begin. This fact is only a bit of distasteful digital history, now. But this historic tale is her tail. Long may it wag.

 Shenanigans – no more ! 

1 thought on “The New General Manager Is Here !

  1. Good riddance, Mel!!!

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