Melanie Gets Shown The Door

Or: “The harder they come the harder they fall, one and all…”

At last year’s General Membership Meeting a contributor stood up and vociferously interrupted Melanie Bettenhausen as she gave her fluffy tale of how the Coop ran out of money because the trimmigrants stayed home – but she and Colin Fiske were gonna save it if they could JUST borrow another half million from you good members…

Somebody stood up and shook his finger at Fiske and told him “The ship is sinking and you- YOU- are gonna wear it if it goes down”. About a third of the members present followed him out.

Fiske buried his face in his hands on the table in front of him. His adorable wife ran up, after it was adjourned, and stroked his stubly little red head. Nice.

Well, after many rounds of fluffy nonsense trying to dress up a final 800,000 dollar loss, – followed by a real allegation of obvious Securities fraud, – Colin stepped down earlier this year from his Presidential perch, and ducked behind James Kloor. Smart move, but too late to dodge seeing his name appear on subpoenas. Kloor, meantine, has been the brave and smart young man to hold the helm while very very slowly getting that delusional girl, Trumpenhausen, out of the building. We are lucky for James Kloor. So is Colin Fiske, for whom Kloor provided cover as Fiske self immolated from his own hubris and lack of business experience.

But Trumpenhausen, she took the Oscar for her clawing, biting and scratching performance over the past year in her varied Acts of: “You Ain’t Throwing Me Under This Bus, I Got The Goods On You, Dude..”

It has taken us almost a year to get this poser removed from the Northcoast Coop organization. But, we are pleased to announce. ..

Finally, Melanie Bettenhausen was shown the door !

We mean this literally.

Trumpenhausen was actually marched out of the Coop building in Eureka. A month before her contract expired! The door was held open and she was asked to leave.

According to a witness she was rather surprised. She had spent the entire week at the Arcata Police Department and Humboldt County Sheriff espousing a story that “The employees are worried that there will be a terrorist attack by anti-coop extremists with weapons. We need a police presence at the General Meeting…”

I’m not making this up. Honest. She had been down there so often over the year, they would have swallowed it, except that the guy she was accusing is a Quaker peace freak.

Bettenhausen can’t be blamed entirely. The idea to create a false flag threat as a deflection/distraction originated with Michelle Sanders. (But this will become clear here, later, in subsequent material.)

Some readers may, now, gloat.

Certainly some employees… Most folks, like those who help with this information site, are relieved. Last week, at her final yearly General Membership Meeting, Melanie tried, valiantly, to paint lipstick on her disgraced image. It didn’t work. At the end of the meeting one brave soul, the longest working employee of the Coop, stood up and set the score straight. All in the Grange Hall heard it.

I may get fired for saying this, but, no, Melanie, the employees felt you were a patronizing flop of a manager.

Melanie would have been better advised to simply take a bow and hold her tongue, but who was her advisor? Fiske had already had his fill of her endless nonsense – to the point where he actually got past his own ego (or fear of serous legal exposure still to appear) and helped Kloor punt her away. Kloor, who has real business experience and less of a need to act smart (because he IS smart) understood he just had to get it done. So out to the street Bettenhausen marched – and down the road she goes. Well, prolly not too far, since she is named in several lawsuits making their way through the Courts.

By the way, – you who are the named defendants showing up on the dockets of Superior Court – the attorney pushing the majority of these cases forward is a former Federal Prosecutor. She is also a coop member, too. Melanie and Ponzi were not successful in cancelling her membership the way in which they cancelled Juan Seventeen and Member #29,352. (He wasn’t a lawyer and they thought he was a bum who ate burritos.) This illustrious lawyer and her plaintiffs all plan to get paid. Lawyers and doctors are like that. (College was expensive. ) Those of us who know the facts advise you to find a deeper experienced local lawyer than the Bay Area dolly you are listening to. A new legal team can help you with a less expensive settlement negotiation than the Judge is likely to hand down. Nine months ago this is exactly what the experienced senior Vice President of the NorthCoast Coop advised you before he got fed up with Fiske and Bettenhousen. He saw the writing on the wall – and walked straight away from your “Game of Posers”. This fellow was never to be seen nor heard by you again. He was the Vice President and his name is Robert. You may see him on the witness stand lest you think your nightmare is over. How do we know this?

Apparently Colin Fiske, made a ton of blunders by not checking Trumpenhausen’s unilateral acts for liability. Maybe you even signed a document attesting that the statements were accurate and these were sent in to the California Secretary of State – like has to occur for all businesses? Anything like that happen? Gee, we hope not. That would be a felony and certainly an easy tort for any C-Share holder who is not getting restitution.

It’s not likely that Kloor will make such doodle brain moves. He’s sharp and has no political aspirations. As long as Kloor is the brains thinking things through, this company has a good chance. Now that Roger and Kirsten are the new board members we can expect strong, steady and experienced attentive consideration with no more dumb grandiose shenanigans of Ponzi Fiske making it ham fisted past the votes. Let his parents do a five million dollar remodel of the kitchen in his own newly acquired Arcata home.

As a tip of the hat to our big helper, here is Patrick Cleary’s song on YouTube: “Bossman’s Gotta Go”. He may have written it for us. Enjoy this moment C-Share owners.

4 thoughts on “Melanie Gets Shown The Door

  1. Mary Ella Anderson October 26, 2019 — 12:30 am

    Good news. It doesn’t mean everything is fine now, but it does mean that change is possible and the co-op that was can be rebuilt, and maybe this time in a positive and cooperative manner.


    1. Thanks Mary Ella. The results are long overdue, since political favors had to be repaid by those, as we know. There is, however one very large looming internal problem discovered in the course of this investigation not long ago. The new management team will be informed in writing of this discovery since it’s ongoing and quite horrendously damning. This fact will help explain why the nefarious characters involved hung on so long. It is incredibly serious to the reputation of the Arcata Coop, so it will not be revealed here unless the new management deliberately chooses to ignore it once they see it in black and white. In which case there would be gross negligence on their part and the most serious litigation they have ever faced. It is still coming.


  2. Skelanie is barred for 90 days, right? I’m concerned that she will enter the stores and cause further damage…


    1. This is exactly the reason she was frog marched out one month early. The IT guys were warned to protect the system against sabotage. They are competent.


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