Voting Guide

Who Are These Candidates ?

Or: Why don’t we just vote for the person they claim to be ?

Three weeks of voting remain in the race for the vacant seats of the Northcoast Coop board of directors. With the coop facing such dire circumstances it would behoove all members to know more about the candidates available. Since most members don’t have the time to dig into the research of the people involved, the authors of this blog will help you out. Here Is some research we have collected.


The hirsute dude with long flowing white locks is Roger Solar. Roger is a consistent attendee of all Coop board meetings, a long time contributor of ideas and sane criticism – and has deep local business experience. To have him step up to take a seat on the Board of Directors is a very lucky stroke for the members. Vote for him, with no qualms. His Coop number is almost lower than Juan Seventeen.


Joaquin Estrada is the dude with the large green buttons in his ears. He is a Sacramento transplant who (in his own words) “rapidly moved up from Assistant Manager to Manager” in the smallest one man store in the Eureka Mall known as GameStop. Reviews of his talent on the Internet yielded nothing positive. Matter of fact, someone even drew a mocking cartoon with him in it, ear buttons and all. (Write us a comment and we will post it there). His claims of running “climbing groups” are not corroborated by ANY piece of social or business information on the Internet, although he did once have a P.O.Box in Weichipec- which has high hills. In any case he has never attended a single Coop meeting of any sort. The ear buttons are a weird plus – but a vote for him is a vote for a self inflated boy trying to bulk up his Curriculum Vitae. Unless you are looking to tank the value of C-Shares, stay away from more posers. This guy is a self proclaimed anarchist.


Laura Wright is a nice local girl married to the Arcata Coop Manager of Produce, Paul. She is brave to step up to the plate, considering that, through her husband, she probably knows how bad things are in the management. We have not seen her at any Coop Board meetings of any sort. We don’t disapprove of beefing up one’s Curriculum Vitae by joining the Board of Directors, but it’s unclear if a conflict resolution class at HSU demonstrates enough depth and necessary grit for this position. The topics she addressed in her introductory piece have no connection, whatsoever, to the massive problems needing resolution.


The most professional person running is Kirsten Lindquist. She has attended every Board meeting for years, is a highly respected Coop employee, and is, likely, the most qualified of all candidates. If you don’t vote for her you are just plain nuts.

Looking Ahead

Considering the state of affairs and the struggles ahead, a big heart felt thanks to these folks, as well as the current board members, for sitting through so many years of baseless nonsense and untruths spewed by Melanie. You all understand, by now, that you better check every fact she spews – or expect to get splattered by the results of her inexperience later on. She has left a whole minefield of scatalogical puzzles. Keep reading the fine print…you will find more.

We can only pray for a new GM. (By now, Ponzi Fiske, himself, is probably also peddling around with a prayer rug on his handle bars.)

And don’t worry, board members ! If you run Melanie off the property, the Court’s process server will still be able to find her.

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  1. What is Roger’s actual last name?


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