Voting Starts In Three Days

All Senior Members have quit the NorthCoast Coop Board of Directors. New faces must appear or the Trumpenhausen&Fiske Charade will be delegitimized. Be sure you can agree with whatever they want or your membership will be unilaterally revoked. It has become a routine phenomenon.

2 thoughts on “Voting Starts In Three Days

  1. Mary Ella Anderson September 27, 2019 — 2:58 pm

    The best part of the ballot is Cheri Strong’s opening statement. She points to actual problems the co-op is facing (the poor quality of some of the food being sold at the co-op, importing strawberries from Turkey to make smoothies, buying office supplies from Amazon, and the need to raise capital for maintenance on the two stores and to be able to cover C-share repurchases. She instructs members to quit their bitching if they can’t bring themselves to meet the minimum requirement of voting. However, the only thing worth voting for on the ballot is to confirm Kirsten Lindquist as the new employee rep on the board. The candidates for the two vacancies will not make a difference as they are pledged to continue the slow decline of the co-op.

    The only hope remaining is that hundreds of members show up at the annual meeting and demand their right to throw out the old board and convert this consumer co-op to a worker owned co-op or at least make the worker board seats the majority so as to prevent greedy cons like The GM and the now VP to complete their mission of destruction.


  2. Thanks for your input Mary Ella Anderson. For those who don’t know, Anderson is a former senior director on the Coop Board of Directors. She quit in disgust.


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