Correction for accuracy…

Or: “…Truth does not take sides.. “

Regarding the legal issues before the Coop, it’s an opportune moment to add some clarity to the picture. The following is gained from personal conversations with individuals involved or material.

There is one suit officially defended by the Coop. It is a labor suit.

There’s a second suit that is about 39 pages in length and defendants are several Coop Directors and Coop employees. A Directors Insurance policy has kicked in but it only covers legal costs, not damages. Since this is a civil suit it will occur in Superior Court and be open to the public, as well as on public record.

There is a second labor suit against the Coop. It has been submitted but not yet resolved by the Labor Prosecutor to move forward on investigation. The suit noted earlier took 8 months to move through the State system.

Things can change but this is the apparent sitch.

8 thoughts on “Correction for accuracy…

  1. Mary Ella Anderson August 16, 2019 — 8:14 pm

    Thanks, Robert, for keeping us informed. It would seem that none of this is likely to be resolved, perhaps even begun, before the annual meeting. The election will take place amid confusion about the co-op’s financial status and the likelihood that the directors being sued will stand for re-election. Melanie and Colin will be in full spin mode to reassure everyone that things are just dandy. The majority of the members are probably not even aware of what’s been going on and may re-elect the board that brought the co-op to its current and pretty unstable condition. One can only hope that the timorous local media will at least make note of these events or perhaps report on them.


    1. Advertising dollars are at risk for the local press. The sooner they take their medicine – the better for the owners and producers. There will be more noteworthy topics as we get closer.


  2. Felony Trumpenhausen wins!!

    The co op is screwed.


  3. Yes,
    Felony with an F. Like the grade. Heaven help the co op
    if this situation doesn’t result in a new GM.


  4. There has never been a more turd like individual swirling around the bowl than
    Felony trumpenhausen. Ask val, david, don, christopher, rose, gary, Lisa, Krystal, Heather,tom, dick, Harry, Ben, bud, Dave, and a long etcetera of stakeholders. Plunge her down!!!


  5. Thank you for your interest. I would appreciate Val, David , Don, Christopher, Rose, Gary, Krystal, Heather, Tom, Richard, Harry, or Bud to get involved and make a statement. This site allows your identity to remain unknown. We are interested in getting to the truth. Regarding your expressed hope to flush this floater – our analysis suggests that we will all hear a whoshing sound at the General Meeting. What may be a bigger crowd pleaser is the rumor of more subpoenas being served by uniformed court functionaries at this Yearly Membership Meeting. Keep your cellphones charged and cameras hot.


  6. Turd Flushed! Nice work on this project, co op BOD!


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