Once We Recognize Fiduciary Duty

Or: “There can be no excuses…”

The month of July was a paradox in the history of the Arcata Co-op.

The same week that the great new candidates for general manager were being interviewed in the second round, Melanie Trumpenhausen was transported to Redding, where she was coached by a team of attorneys hired by the Coop for the next days’ telephone deposition to the State Labor judge. Yes folks, a trial is finally moving along into the halls of Justice. Conducted under oath by the Labor Board prosecutor for the State of California, Trumpenhausen was grilled regarding her behavior and actions related to last year’s firing of the 16 year manager of the Arcata store. I might say that it’s good for the Co-op history that this is closed to the public. The back story is a loo loo.

But the next destructive rounds flew right in the front door when the Humboldt Sheriff dropped new civil lawsuits on the laps of several in the Coop Tower. Yes. These are civil suits being served.

That means someone is paying to bring a case in Superior Court against INDIVIDUALS.

Rumor has it that Trumpenhausen successfully ran for the back door when the boots marched up the stairs.

In any case, the legal fees are in cash. If the local Superior Court judge sees truth in the same things as the State Labor Prosecution is seeing, which was enough to impel the State to pursue it, its going to be a pile of money needed.

What did they do, these defendants, after their puckers were checked for leakage? The Coop legal insurance package for Directors and Officers was opened and the room was cleared. Who knew it existed?

Now, dear friends, we may see a much darker shade of behavior sweep over the straw men who, just months ago, were laughing and denying.

As fate would have it this will be moving through the courts just about election time. How will Trumpenhausen smother this news? Time will show.

The good news is that last week several new, greatly talented, highly educated and reasonably experienced people were interviewed for the General Manager position. What a positive change this will be – and a chance to pull away from the smelly pile of trouble Melanie baked for all her supporters.

“Insolvency” is becoming the term of back room discussion. How (and when) to let the public know?

California Cooperative Law requires it as soon as the earliest C-Share cannot be reimbursed. This is the law.

Trumpenhausen will be gone by then, unless all have lost their minds. Ponzi Fiske should maybe, honestly, resign before then, too. This great bicycle everywhere genius has wrecked our company. It will become more and more obvious. Kloor had better be up for the task. And the new GM had better know how to manage crisis and conflict.

Nobody warned these kids that, not only do the training wheels come off their bike, but they are crossing and zigging down a road with an 18 wheeler carrying a 2.4 million dollar C-Share damage suit package just out of sight ready to splat their puckered up rear ends all over Northern California.

See, SOMEONE found the insurance.

Snoots-in-trough for lawyers!

Keep the back door unlocked.!

2 thoughts on “Once We Recognize Fiduciary Duty

  1. Mary Ella Anderson August 3, 2019 — 2:42 pm

    Wow! Justice may prevail after all. None of this was necessary or helpful and I believe that Colin and his followers assumed that the damages would paid out of the members’ pockets, not their own.


  2. [Mary Ella Anderson is a local journalist who served on the Board of Directors. Editor]

    Thanks for your comment. This mess rolls forward, and is a long way from ‘justice’, but the game this little cabal has been running is no longer an after hours beer drinking, joke cracking, laugh along with Coop hors d’ovres provided. The plaintiff’s lawyer has been around the block and would not have taken this case if it wasn’t winnable. Facing a filed lawsuit will ruin most people’s day. And then it goes on and on. And then you often lose, particularly if you are guilty.


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