Gratitude To The Coop Community

Acknowledgement of Source

No matter how the dismal financial picture becomes rectified, the common denominator of any solution will be the combined value of personal applied energies to push and muddle our way forward. The community is the source.

As of July 3rd the Coop management choice coordinators have now received all of the qualifying documents necessary to pick a new General Manager. All of these contestants have received an additional question that they must answer before a select few are invited for interviews. Unfortunately, for the member owners who are at risk, this process will be opaque like most of the activities which the board has been engaged in over the last 3 years. However, by mid to late August we should know who the candidate is. Thanks to the community for stepping up and attempting to participate directly in this change of regime.

The discussion of management changes should also incude the topic of recall. Modifications were recently forced through of the Bylaws {with NO membership vote }. These modifications have created a NEW Registration Requirement. If members expect their vote to count this November this change requires that MEMBERS MUST SEND IN A REGISTRATION CARD 45 DAYS BEFORE AN ELECTION.

The source of this action must have been Trumpenhausen’s – since she hails from South Carolina where these tricks are played on unsuspecting citizens as VOTER SUPPRESSION.

It may have been Ponzi Fiske, however. He spent several years in St.Petersburg, Florida which is right over the line from Alabama. He, more than anyone, is fearful of an educated and empowered electorate. Why ? One word:


More details to come !

1 thought on “Gratitude To The Coop Community

  1. Mary Ella Anderson July 18, 2019 — 5:47 pm

    What makes you think a new manager will be able to save the co-op? There is no reason to think that Colin, Leah, Ed and James would make a better decision this time around. Mu guess would be that they end up rehiring Melanie. As for the membership, they are indifferent to the fate of the co-op. They proceed along as if it will all be good in the end. So far as I can tell, they have no enthusiasm for anything other than the status quo. Not that they have a clear idea of what the status quo is at this point.
    I’ve been in the store a couple of times since I quit and cancelled my membership. I inquired about the fate of the modest amount of money I invested in C shared back when I still believed there was honest at the co-op. Ilistened to a song and dance by Melanie’s ally in the membership department about why I won’t be getting my $400 back any time soon. Since I’m not a member anymore, I shouldn’t be eligible for investment in their Ponzi scheme, but no one is paying any attention to the law these days. Nobody at the co-op anyway. And in spite of all the crap that’s gone on, it’s business as usual with all the faux excitement about the possibility of electing a new board of directors and maybe getting back to profitability that isn’t just a puff piece in the quarterly magazine.
    Truth is, I’m not mean enough or indifferent enough to be a good co-op member, let alone a board member. I don’t like hurting people or trying to ruin their lives by starting rumors about them and then using those rumors to fire them.
    As for whether or not Colin is a good person and an asset to the community, not that I can tell. I like the bulk section and the bananas, but the vile and offensive behavior of the board and Melanie is unhelpful, to say the least.


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