For Whom The Bell Tolls

Considering the fact that Colin Fiske, while acting in full capacity as President, has openly and publicly committed fraud in the name of the NorthCoast Coop – he should step down. The seriousness includes a possible Federal charge of wire fraud since his solicitation – for shares to be purchased – was printed in the Eureka Times Standard in an slatheringly promotional piece written by Phillip Santos in December of last year.

In it, Ponzi Fiske committed his felony by claiming that the value of the ONLY tangible asset of the NorthCoast Coop was two million dollars more than ANY building in Arcata.

These are the facts. If they were not the truth, Fiskes’ wife, (a popular Humboldt State University associate professor who DID NOT take his name when they married back in St.Petersburg a few years ago) , would certainly hire a lawyer and whip open a can of: “SHUT THE HELL UP” to save family face.

But this is not the case.

We should be able to find some compassion for Fiske, somewhere. To this end you can be certain he is playing all available corners, i.e., : Bike-Moes, Sustainable Living Lovers, EcoNews-o-philes, and anti-GMO aficionados to garner support.

Yep. He needs compassion, really. I’m serious !

Why ? Because Colin Fiske is not a bad dude. He is a very useful new member of this community. BUT ! his larger-than-life ambitions drove him to step into several traps, and now he cannot get them off.

You see, fraud, like wife beating, cannot be called back, nor waved off. Once the black eyes are viewed by the Prosecutor, the event cannot be excused nor the wheels of justice stopped by the wife suddenly aware that she bankrupted the family. It’s a matter of public safety.

What are these traps?

Details to follow.

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