When There Is No Glory In Success

Or: Results Of A Pyromaniac In A Field Of Straw Men

The state of anyone’s integrity is constantly changing as he/she progresses through life with any reasonable amount of intention. It matures by benefit of age and experience, towards the manifestation of that individual’s potential. In this way, his/her discernment and understanding is raised in a way that aspects of the way fundamental reality works, formerly uncomprehended, are pulled into self evidence.

We can bear witness to that change, now, in the case of Trumpenhausen, Fiske and Kloor. The situation is embarrassingly publicly visible, and the gravitas of the evident reality in the horrible position they have steered the Coop – has finally outweighed the hubris and egos which precluded them embracing mistakes and taking rapid executive steps which, by now, are long overdue.

How else did these three allow the Coop to run out of money? And how much cash did they squander? The new soup dished up by the first honest-to-God national auditor in three years says its $889,000.

“We’ve learned alot…” Kloor announced a month ago.

So they slap on a set of training wheels and make him President…? The guy’s got a good smile, so maybe he can sell this bridge ?

Currently these three have come up with a “Hail Mary” plan to solicit more investors in a grocery store business while the company is unable to even borrow money from the very bank they pay rent to. Banking committees are not easily fooled.

..And this reshuffle comes after the President/CEO, Fiske, made a published statement in which he claimed that the single tangible asset, the old Arcata Store, was twice what the appraised value claimed in his own financial statement – while in the very act of solicitation. .

Are you kidding me?

And what now?

Well, in a typical “Hail Mary” formation shift, the quarterback steps back, fakes a handoff, then yards back to throw a long bomb but instead (dot, dot, dot).

Tonight’s episode of Fiske “Stepping Aside” is like a straw man falling on his *sword handle* -in a room full of immobile straw figures with the flames licking the walls.

Is it the act of a person who values the gesture more than the effect.

OR…..More likely it was the only idea someone’s lawyer could come up with. …

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