Why Politicians Make Bad Businessmen

Or: Spin Doctors Love Their Echo Chambers..

It seems like lawyers and actors are the most successful natural politicians. And, if you deeply scratch the verneer of almost any successful politician you will find a skeptic. Why is this?

It’s because they are less engaged in understanding the truth of a moment, and more occupied with communicating a story that moves an audience to swallow their view or product. Most politicians understand their world as one that is based on eloquent b.s. – and they tend to see everything through that lens. They become skeptics even unto themselves.

What can really undo a skeptic is when he falls for another actor’s lie in a way that causes real personal damage, either substantive or in reputation.

In this case of Coop hard-knocks we see two actors (and we must admit they are actors because they have no known history of being in business) who will almost inevitably reach the point of decoupling.

Why? It’s because the air in the echo chamber Fiske and Trumpenhausen created has run out. They didn’t listen to the hissing sounds – and if they did, they had no experience with what to do.

The members can expect to read about this – with more deflection through various explanations of assumptions – in the coming editions of Coop News. (Fiske and Trumpenhausen have been pumping this jaw jacking journal with easily digestible assumptive nonsense for several years…)

But we can cut through the unavoidable b.s. with Occam’s Razor. That’s the law that states the explanation that requires the least speculation is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely to be correct.

So here’s the explanation: Nobody was keeping the books of an historic community supermarket run by a political triumvirate of incompetents.

Don’t believe it? If the Labor Board allows this SERIOUS question move into civil court it all becomes public record. In our digital age this story would stick to Fiske and Trumpenhausen like a wet diaper. The older Board members knew this. (You know, the ones that quit recently).

Yes, ya’ll. That smell and loud hiss is the fouled air escaping the echo chamber. But who will be left to change their diapers?

“Mr. Kloor to the cleanup in aisle nine”… {…as his broad signature smile faded, he grabbed the pail and headed for the stink …dammit -again! Where’s Barney, anyway? }

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