The Deeper It Gets

Or: Who Is Digging This Hole?

Ponzi, sitting at the Birthday Dinner, took a large gulp when someone at the table asked : “How do you think this will end, honey?”

Fidgeting for a couple of nervous seconds he blurted out: “Let them eat cake! “.

Thirty thousand members tossed in their sleep. .

1 thought on “The Deeper It Gets

  1. Mary Ella Anderson May 16, 2019 — 4:40 pm

    I wonder if any of the 30,000 members will bother to attend the Finance Committee meeting on May 30. That is the meeting where hard questions may be asked by a member-member of the committee and where truth may be brought to light. The desire to believe that all is well with venerable co-op is stronger than the desire to test that theory by actually looking into the operation of the board and the management. Apparently becoming a member of the co-op means holding strong to blind faith in the competence of the board. The demise of the co-op is a very sad story and does not reflect well on those who think of themselves as progressives among the general membership. It is not progressive to be submissive to authority. Especially when they’re screwing you six ways to Sunday.


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