Or: We Suffer For The Boss

Ride Your Bike To Work Day ! YAAAY!

There were at least 23 bicyclists who drank free coffee and ate bananas and cookies provided by the NorthCoast Coop.

Compassion is due towards the two gals who manned the booth from so early an hour. There was a photographer, too. And Ed Smith, who did not ride his bike, but showed up in his Coop cap for our photo op. This is so so so so newsworthy and transparent, but fairly mediocre diversion from the “Ponzi Up In Smoke” headlines, coming soon to a non profit magazine near you…

1 thought on “Compassion

  1. Mary Ella Anderson May 10, 2019 — 2:38 pm

    Good thing they got ride of all those pesky cars. More bike parking is what is needed to turn the co-op around. I wonder how many of those bike riders also own cars. The next struggle to replace car drivers with bike riders will take place on the Plaza. I’m sure many are pleased to know that Colin plans on doing for the Farmers Market what he has done for the co-op. Maybe the farmers will loan him money.


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