“Extension of our credit line has been declined. .”

Or: Melanie’s Magic Oven Goes “Kaput”..

The Wizard of Oz had the same problem when that little dog bit his leg. The curtain got pulled back.

This is that moment, folks.

Ponzi Fiske should immediately call an emergency General Meeting and resign.

Trumpenhausen is not even showing up for work. Somehow the stores run smoothly without her.

The search for a replacement has officially started. It needs to be accelerated

Why has it taken Ponzi Fiske so long to get to this decision?

One word:


Thirty thousand members kept in the dark. I guess they won’t be voting him in as County Supervisor anytime soon.

3 thoughts on ““Extension of our credit line has been declined. .”

  1. Mary Ella Anderson May 3, 2019 — 2:41 pm

    Wow. Well, we all knew it was inevitable. There are lawsuits still pending. And I was going to add one more thing, which is in at least one and I’m pretty sure two audits attention was called to the lack of oversight in the accounting and bookkeeping departments. Control that make sure there are more than one pair of eyes reviewing financial statement and accounts were removed. The auditors pointed out that this increased the likelihood of theft and embezzlement, but the issue was never taken seriously, including by the Humboldt Area Foundation member on the board, James. I am not surprised that the stores run more smoothly with Melanie gone. She brought chaos with her wherever she went. Perhaps, if the co-op can be saved or converted to a worker co-op, the members might pay more attention to details in the future and the co-op would be in much better hands.


  2. County supervisor? lol

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  3. Melon E. Trumpenhausen couldnt even run a dishwasher, let alone a business. A worthless troll of a general mangler!


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