The Legacy of Juan

Or :

Trumpenhausen&Ponzi Fiske Eat A Pie Of Blackbirds

At the last Yearly General Membership Meeting, in November of 2018, there rose to his feet a member known as Juan Seventeen.

Juan objected vociferously to the way decisions were being made, conduct of the board, and the horrific results which brought his beloved Northcoast Coop to its knees. Trumpenhausen had tried to recover valiantly, using all of her tricks of distraction and deflection. She even resorted to calling on the Druid, Roger Solar, to imbue an ambiance of legitimate continuity to the meeting. But Roger, alas, was not the oldest member present.

Juan Seventeen was the oldest member present. He stood and scolded these posers for squandering so much serious cash that the numbers were too large to believe, much less understand. Juan had attended all the seasons prior meetings and several more, subsequently, until Ponzi Fiske managed to rescind his membership.

Democracy and Transparency be damned – this guy, Juan, was wrecking the Trumpenhausen&Fiske movie.

Brainless and Gutless, respectively, Trumpenhausen & Fiske even appointed the hapless Kloor as the message boy to tell the feared Juan Seventeen – ” Do Not Enter Our Meetings”. Not wanting to get his hands chewed off by the big dog, Jimmy Kloor, a bright and savvy lad, kept his hands in his pockets when he talked to Juan Seventeen in the corridor about “Staying Out Of Their Meeting”. Juan was cool with it.

But, just to be sure in any case, Ponzi Fiske, a risk unto himself, stayed clear of the building until Kloor had delivered the message. When he was sure Juan was gone he came bounding in – late as pretty much always.

Hey, the President can show up anytime he juants, si?


As fate would have it, things would take a bizarre turn towards the truth-in-the-pudding. A simple twist of the KitchenAid brought Barney, the Cajun Bean Counter, into the mix. Barney, whose massive bios included keeping the books at a Napa wine shop, knew which side of the cork the juice was on. Barney wanted the lead seal to remain over the Trumpenhausen mouth – so nothing untoward was uttered which would disrupt his new employment. However, last week the beans got the better of his judgment. He had to come clean. Juan was right. And, the facts, in graphite and white, were clear.

Seventeen lines of the three previous financial statements were wrong. Glaringly, Obviously and Fatally Incorrect – Garbage.

Ohh…. That smell…Oh oh oh.

Fiske, hearing a bus approaching, he turn to Trumpenhausen: “So how did the job interviews go down last week in San Diego, Melanie? May I give you a nudge in the right direction? “

The song sings Four & Twenty Blackbirds, but there were only Seventeen.

However, if you read this blog, “As We Know”, the nationally recognzed auditor had already recommended that they check the delivery against the invoices. AND even recommended it several years before.

So maybe several Blackbirds got eaten on the way to the bakery?

A wan smile crosses Juan’s face.

“The proof is always in the pudding” he thinks to himself.

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