Transparency and Honesty was the DUTY of these two miscreants. Not just the responsibility.

Responsibility is an option. Corporate Fiduciary duty is not a choice. You do it or risk personal damages. When real business persons sit on corporate boards as Directors they almost always purchase “Directors Insurance” policies.

The Courts will find that Fiske, Bettenhausen, and Kloor “acted with malice or oppression”, to the voices who objected to what was going on. They were responsible for “negligent failure” because Bylaws were not followed and the losses were ferociously obfuscated. No wiping out THAT record, so we can freely speak about it.

Thank goodness for Barney the new accountant. {Note to Barney: Keep the line item “legal fees” clearly visible, it’s your duty}. No need to remind Davenport, manning the IT records, he’s from Switzerland.

But just wait for the audit report, delayed for many many quarters. Why was it delayed? Same reason Donald Trump held his tax returns back.

Trumpenhausen must go.

But meantime, it’s going to be played into a six figure bill by an out of town attorney hired by the Coop. She wrote, in a recent letter: “Members have no rights. ”

The California Bar Association will be asking her what she was thinking. The members own it!

This trial will be open to the public. Stay tuned for the dates.

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