” The Coop is NOT going out of business. ..”

Today’s memo from the chief..

The Coop is not going out of business. Of course not! With 30,000 members to support that NOT happening, it would be tough. But it can go from overdrawn to bankrupt.

This is not the issue.

The issue is why are we even facing this question?

It’s because there are incompetent people, severely lacking experience, who are serving as President, CEO, and Treasurer.

Simple as that.

2 thoughts on “” The Coop is NOT going out of business. ..”

  1. I’m sorry to cast aspersions. BUT, Trumpenhitler and Colon Fist can’t manage their way out of a wet sack! Why are we still dealing with these idiots?!?

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    1. We, the members losing value in our assets, are “dealing with” Bettenhausen because Fiske is providing politucal cover and he is, personally, at the influence of an ego shaped by big ambition but lacking wisdom. Encouragingly, he once used the word “mistake” during a board meeting in late November, but has, since then fallen into full damage control as the combination of lawsuits, falling revenue, and honest lack of a plan – other than “borrow more to cover losses”. And then there’s Michelle the “Simpson Terminator” HR lady whose hatred of the expose drives her to prompt everyone to dig their heels in deeper. Understandable, since she and Trumpenhausen will find it difficult to be hired by any local firm at such inflated salaries.


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