Melanie Bet The House, and..

Melanie Bet The House, and…

then she lost.

This wonderful old NorthCoast Coop has members that sorta reflect the “who gives a hoot” habits that our populous in the United States has taken on over the last decade.

But the dividend for giving not a hoot is:

The Coop General Manager, who NEVER ran a BUSINESS , has been Subpoenaed by the State as of February 15, 2019 to answer questions about how she has violated labor laws by unilaterally firing a stellar manager who pissed her off by pointing out the glaring problems she created.

You know how much that will cost in legal fees and fines? Well this much is certain:

These legal defense fees, dear Member, shall be borne by you.

There are more subpoenas already delivered!

And guess what ?

Her best loyal buddy, Colin Fiske, is going to let her hock the Coop building and/or equipment to pay for the lawyers, fees and settlements she has so wisely attracted. He helped her last time she drew a lawsuit, too. It proves that “marketing” is her forte…

And the thing of it is, the only visible common denominator between these two (other than working for weeks elbow-to elbow on Steve Madrone ‘ s campaign) is that they both have large detached garages but no cars in them.


“I’m with the farmers. .”

Thats what her tee shirt says. Look.

2 thoughts on “Melanie Bet The House, and..

  1. Haiku 4 u:

    General mangler
    Melanie Trumpenhitler
    Killing our Co-op

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She can’t kill it
      We won’t let her
      The Banking Committee
      Will come and get her.


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