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No one checks the background of Board Candidates. Never. Colin Fiske is one prime example. Now, we find that he has been the President and CEO of the NorthCoast Coop over the last four years and has been the guiding light as the guy who has brought the Coop nearer to bankruptcy than any person in the history of our iconic organization.
This did not occur in a vacuum, folks.
There was a question raised at a Board of Directors meeting on December 6, 2018. A senior member raised a question after Mr. Fiske made the following statement (on tape); “ Uhh,.ohh… so Cost-of-Goods-Sold is before they are sold…”.. The senior member asked him directly to “please name three of your last employers” – in hopes of understanding his lack of knowledge. For whatever reason, Fiske did not answer. But he did subsequently unilaterally cancel that member’s number and had the Eureka police called to have him removed from the next Board of Directors meeting on February 5, 2019. then, he just simply deleted this guys active member number, which had been in use for almost one month. No warning, no letter, no nuttin…The State of California Department of Justice and Secretary of State are on the track of this event.
The details in the financial report, which will be revealed tonight at the Board of Directors Meeting will show how bad the damage is. Fiske and Bettenhausen continue to lose money. Fiske will not remove Bettenhausen, for some strange reason. But the reality is that the Coop is failing, miserably. These two have mismanaged the operating capital down to less than three days. In contrast to unchecked public statements made in the Times Standard by a breathless journalist, they are hemorraging cash, and have done very little to staunch the flow. Fiske and Bettenhausen want to hock the building and/or equipment to borrow more cash to operate. This, fellow Coop Members is FACT .
The NorthCoast Coop is operating under California Cooperative Law. We are a body of 30,000 members. Colin Fiske has unilaterally deleted an active operational membership, (the first time in Coop history) without following the Bylaws which govern our company. Not even a letter describing the circumstances was sent.

This is the current state of your NorthCoast Coop, folks. Time to sit up and pay attention or it will, yes, go down

. It can happen in less than three days. The folks who shucked out $31,488 in new investment during the last three months should probably have asked how much the legal fees for Fiske and Bettenhausen have amounted to. There can be no doubt that it is greater than their contribution. They just bought into a lawsuit being prosecuted by the State. Gee, they didn’t mention THAT tidbit in the newspaper !

FISKE. The guy who sunk the ship because he never was at sea.

2 thoughts on “FISKE. FACT. THE COOP

  1. This ninny totally Fiske fact the co-op! Uncool. Recall vote immediately!!

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    1. Well, Colin means well. He doesn’t have the experience. That’s not a crime. Hiding the horrible condition of the coop before his re-election was certain is. Actually. A Crime. “Bad Faith”


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