The Ill Fated Ten Pin Gambit Is Down And Out ! Come Buy A Chair !!

The administration underlings called it the Pin Worm Building…

Today is the selloff of ALL remaining furniture, racks, protein powder kept in the old bowling alley turned warehouse known as the Ten Pin Building – marking the final ignominious moment of another stab by management wannabees.

Started before Bettenhausen as an idea to increase profits by bulk buys, someone forgot to integrate a book keeping and inventory tracking system. When the bean counters from NCG, – who volunteered to give a little bit of help sorting Melanie’s debacle of “Money Gone Where ??!!??” last summer, – took a look at this half baked scheme, they walked away shaking their heads, unable to sort the mess.

There is inescapable information inherent in a closing “fire sale” . It all boils down to one word.



(or at least swing buy and buy Melanie’s office chair, Please !)

6 thoughts on “The Ill Fated Ten Pin Gambit Is Down And Out ! Come Buy A Chair !!

  1. How can change occur with the same inexperienced General Manager. ?

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  2. Haha, no kidding!! Let’s see…
    8k/month X 12months X 5 years… Where did that 500k go, again?!? Soooo, these idiots may be criminals, as well as bumblers? Delicious!!

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  3. I spoke to some workers today who said that they feel they need to walk on eggshells and watch what they say because of the “political” environment at work. They can not express their honest opinions without feeling like their jobs might be in jeopardy.

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    1. This is exactly why the GM and President should resign. Both Trumpenhausen and Colin Risk are anathema down there.


  4. So many of the department heads at the Eureka store wanted her because she was dumb and they could mold her. One flat out said he was glad it was an internal hire because ” Melanie is one of us, she wont rock the boat.” That said from someone there over 25 years.

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    1. Melanie has damn near sunk the boat. She blew $12,000 a month for two years on training the help for a hot food section that didn’t have a building permit nor construction funding. Her case is extraordinary. But this is why she fights so hard now t o remain. Her chances for other similar work around here will most likely be zero.


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