“Now Hear This : I Am The Greatest…”

Or : Why Trumpenhausen Must Be Removed From The Wheelhouse. ..

When, in a local newspaper, she was openly accused of fraudulent activity under her leadership, the General Manager, Melanie Bettenhausen, informed the public that she had hired a numbers guy to tidy up and keep the books. What she failed to point out was that for the last eight months there has been no financial person employed by the Arcata Co-op. None. She had asked the guys from NCG (who want to buy the coop), to help straighten the books out so she could understand why the money was all gone – and they said there was too much garbage. Now the banking committees won’t loan her more money after losing 733,000 dollars in the last year.


She did write this:

“One of the strengths I bring to the table is the ability to identify where systems are not working, bring in the resources to problem solve and implement new systems, and build a strong foundation for more efficient functioning. ”

This is what The General Manager thinks of herself.


And this is EXACTLY why the Coop is in danger of failing.

This person is as self delusional as Donald Trump.

As part of the investigation,
during the months of October November, there was a discreet canvassing of many of the Arcata Coop floor workers. To a person, NONE of them were happy with her management. None. Zero.

She’s never managed ANYTHING before. That’s the reality of it.

Melanie Trumpenhausen must be stopped.

Or kiss our Coop farewell.

2 thoughts on ““Now Hear This : I Am The Greatest…”

  1. The only strength Trumphausen brings to the table is a vast appetite for fried organic food and a even bigger lust for the 500$/day paycheck! I know this. I had the misfortune of working for her.

    The board needs to dump her before the members rise up and dump the whole board.

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    1. Nice insight. The replacement of the whole board is unworkable and unnecessary. A recall of the latest two is fairly simple and would remove the President, Colin Fiske, who is not acquainted with the terms cost of goods sold, and fiduciary responsibility.


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