We Were A Humble Crew

We were a humble crew when we started.

We were a humble crew of simple like-minded people. We just wanted good food at a reasonable cost. We were committed, each and every one of us, to invest our unpaid time in obtaining that result. There was some passion, yes, but it was mainly perseverance of individuals that built and settled the Coop.

But Colin Fiske, the CEO/President of the Coop, is now calling the police on individual members with perseverance. Melanie Bettenhausen is firing the employees who show her the mistakes. Those who call bullsh#t on these two at the board meetings are now at risk of jail time?

How far can they blow smoke to cover the numbers on the screen from the rest of us…? Who would believe that the problem is radical zeal?

The problem is not excessive passion for the Coop, the problem is that the majority of the membership is asleep. They do not know what is going on.

We have been hoodwinked.

You may have noticed the new photo on our cover which was taken by William Ferry when we worked in the coop, as members, in the very early 1970’s. We were not asleep then.

But we are waking up, now, you nincompoops who wrecked our coop.

You can deflect and distract with your nonsense. But you cannot hide from the truth. You crashed our beautiful creation.

2 thoughts on “We Were A Humble Crew

  1. With my new Bullhorn:
    “Hey hey, ho ho! Melanie B has got to go!!”
    Repeat, repeat, repeat, until she’s gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your sense of humor is appreciated. She will just waste more of Coop money on the lawyer in this case.


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