When The Chickens Come Home To Roost

Or: “Go Away Chickens – You Bother Me. “

Offering no explanation other than ” These things happen “……. the General Manager, Melanie Bettenhausen, has once again shown us, the Members, that the deliberate obfuscation that seeps from her style – is eventually prempted by the truth. She recently announced, at the board of directors meeting two nights ago, that the co-op had been declined for getting a $137,000 loan to operate.
” It’s normal to be rejected the first time…”

《The elephant in the room slowly swung it’s head around and wondered who would get splattered when that necessarily impending moment arrived. ..》

“It turns out we don’t need it for now”….

It’s OK everybody – this is Arcata’s home grown version of the magical mystery tour.

But wait, it gets better !

The one organization desiring to own our coop – a National Coop Grocers – has offered to send someone down to “work in house and train for a few weeks with Melanie” – on how to run a coop. I’m not making this up.

The Coop pays this daffy girl 500 bucks a day salary, while she sat in the wheelhouse and pitched so much money overboard in the last two years that we flirt with insolvency.

But NOW the solution is to bolt training wheels on to her tricycle and let her pedal it back into the bank to ask for more money ?

Banking committees are just not that stupid, ya’ll. They can clearly see that the General Manager waited until she had someone who knew what the words meant to come in and apply. She didn’t even have books that made rudimentary sense! Thank our Louisiana lucky stars that Barney finally showed up and can give the right answer to cost of goods sold.

But unless Bettenhousen is replaced the cash will be throwing good money after b.a.d.

Go ahead – sit close to that elephant, Mr. Fiske. She belongs to you.

And pay no attention to those chickens gathering above your heads. It’s water soluble and the rains are coming.

2 thoughts on “When The Chickens Come Home To Roost

  1. And pay no attention to those elephants gathering above your heads!


    1. I don’t know that, other than Dumbo, I’ve ever seen a flying elephant, Nicole. Can you describe them to us…?


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