Regime Change Is Coming

Well…it is only a matter of time, now, that the Board of Directors will finally act, fulfill their fiduciary responsibility, and remove the current General Manager. Of course, as they say, there’s the easy way – and there’s the hard way.

Displaying symptoms of bending towards the easy way (which is just to fire her and get over it) , the CEO, Mr. Fiske, attends these various board meetings with the ground down demeanor of the unlucky person, – a decent enough individual, caught by the mishaps of others in a circumstance of continual punishment. In the last Board of Directors meeting poor Colin even asked for some underling to take over responding to emails from Members. Failing this, he asked if the IT guy could program an auto response. Failing that, also, he looked like the guy who understood that, in his own personal construct of “Mr. President”, the horse he proudly rode in on was now kicking the stuffing out of him. It looks like he’s put alot of stuffing into his character, so this may take a bit.

The solution is obvious and can be quick and clean. Pay the severance and cut the General Manager loose. It is a well known fact that the head of IT, Mr Davenport, is cross trained to hold the steering wheel of the Coop. Davenport is knowledgeable, quiet and has no agenda, except that of keeping the system up and bugs out. Between he and Ed, his wingman, this ship can simply throw off the useless baggage and probably have the incoming tide float them off the rocks. Mr. Davenport is fully qualified to hold the wheel and keep the Coop moving forward with his overlapping understanding of the systems, as well as duties, of the General Manager. He has attended all the committee meetings and pays attention, unlike the head of HR who sits in a perfunctory manner while shopping on her smartphone.

Until Melanie Bettenhausen is gone there will be no restoration in trust. A lack of faith in the qualifications of her and Colin is pervasive. Furthermore, it is absurd to think folks will invest more in a business that has to borrow money to remain open PARTICULARLY with the same inexperienced kid at the helm.

A kid we pay a salary of $110,000. and did not know the definition of Cost-of-Goods-Sold until a month ago.

Why is this so hard, Mr. Fiske?

13 thoughts on “Regime Change Is Coming

  1. Mary Ella Anderson December 14, 2018 — 5:44 pm

    Here is some information related to the GM. Colin, Leah and James managed to extend her contract to November, 2019. That’s a big buyout. Also, waiting in the wings, is National Co-op Grocers who would love to take over this little co-op. The poor management of the GM and the support from the Board clique makes it ever more likely that this will happen. The deal may well include keeping Melanie on forever. Perhaps they will be able to teach her something about the business.

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    1. I saw this coming years ago, NCG is the elephant crashing around the room. Hello!

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      1. Thanks for speaking up ! Can you educate us on what the elephant intends, and how the elephant might get its way? The contracts and relationships with NCG are hidden behind and under the skirts of Melanie and Colin. Please elucidate!


  2. Sure, NCG is in control of the coop.
    They hate independent markets because they can’t take a cut of the margins.
    They spy on our POS to see the sales and decide what to buy and what margin to put it at only after they make the deals with the vendors and take their cut!
    The GM is controlled by NCG!!! The NCG trained your very untalented merchandiser to buy from them.
    they are told to be quiet by their corporate bosses, and they have signed contracts which makes them beholden to corporate margins. Your local buyers are not empowered by this form of management – as if we don’t know our own business. Talent is discouraged as they sell out to the corporate safeway model, union too.

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  3. Go to Rainbow Market in SF to see a workers Coop succeed. The CFO, Dennis Wagner is the Wellness buyer too.
    Go check out the activity and layout and look at how pathetic the Arcata Coop is now!
    I have advised the manager to look at that market and also at the Good earth in Fairfax to understand how a beautiful fit into the demographic.
    Being a classic educated advertising person I look at all the opportunities to sell, how can you destroy a market that is famous all over this country for quality healthy food? I know I actually spoke to people visiting our market all day everyday for years. Not hiding in another building or going to ridiculous meetings and letting idiots like Vince run it for the union!


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    1. Please try to keep the “ad hominem” disparaging comments toned down. We all like a spicy hard deep insight, but nobody involved is an idiot.


      1. Sorry I have a lot of emotion about the last days I spent there.

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      2. Nicole, I feel your frustration. Thanks for your candor.


    2. And, yes, the Rainbow rocks and the Good Earth is doin it. The Arcata Coop also had those characteristics in the past.


  4. Obviously the current GM doesn’t know her ass from her elbow or she wouldn’t let the ass lead the way,
    meaning the so- called CEO very suspicious connections to NCG, like WTF?

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    1. Interesting. What might those connections be? What are your suspicions? Now is the time, and this is the place. Someone has dog shet on their shoe. We can all smell it.


      1. Is he married to whats her face from NCG or close to those kind of people? One of the big mover and shaker in the NCG lives in Eureka, it’s a club and you are not part of it.
        ask him about the contracts and insist on transparency.


  5. Do we still use valuable retail space for bikes and chicken feed?

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