It Won’t Stop Us

Stripping Families Of Their Family Members’ Membership Status

In her latest tactic to keep her job, Melanie Bettenhausen has disallowed membership to one of the authors of this site. Me.

It won’t work.

Since 1973, when our family (the five of us) lived and worked on our farm, located beyond Willow Creek, we have used coop number 117 when we collectively purchased food at the Co-op. In 1975 the author grew and supplied the Coop with the largest tonnage of locally grown organic cantaloupe in a pre negotiated agreement up to that time. I, Robert Eckart, appeared in a photo article and, subsequently, was asked and joined some board or Coop committee -using our family number. #117. Most of our family members used this number for decades.

Recently, under the leadership of Melanie Bettenhausen, the Coop has unilaterally stripped families of their family membership status and only allowed two names, husband and wife, to use one membership number. What happens when Junior walks down the hill from school at lunchtime? Should he be required to pay for a number, too? How absurd.

This is a sample of Bettenhousen’s exceptional marketing? Eureka Natural Foods, Rays and Safeway solicit membership cards for free. Under the leadership of Bettenhousen and Fiske, the Coop strips you of your membership unless you purchase a unilaterally predetermined amount of food.

But don’t fret ya’ll. I will go plunk down my 25 bucks, get a new number, and stop being so dishonest. Unless, of course, they treat me like Kashoggi, in which case – look for me in the meat display case.

1 thought on “It Won’t Stop Us

  1. Mary Ella Anderson December 12, 2018 — 4:33 pm

    As I recall, Colin’s favorite thing is rewriting the rules to favor his own opinion, but there was a provision that existing family memberships would not be affected and the transition to a single membership policy would be over time. In fact, I don’t think our membership numbers are all that accurate. People retain their memberships even if they don’t shop for a year as long as they remain in the state of California. Trying to get people to cancel their memberships when they become ineligible by leaving the state has not been attempted. I don’t believe they have the right to cancel your membership for having what they consider “a bad attitude.” And if they try, they should refund your original investment of whatever it was back in the day. And don’t fall for that having a say in the operation of the business when you become a member. You don’t. Melanie and Colin are running the show with the help of their cohorts James and Leah.

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