Monkeys In The Wheelhouse?

Hats off to an excellent and balanced article in the Lost Coast Outpost by the illustrious Ryan Burns. Now we are getting the topic honestly discussed. Of course every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion, but of great interest and value were the perspectives of competitors, particularly that of Aaron, who runs the show up at Wildberries. Aaron agreed that the installation of a delicatessen in the Eureka Coop store was a good idea for increasing business, as it did for them at the top of G Street. What the journalist, kindly, did not include, of course, is the obvious question of why the remodel would take three years and run up such high costs, ( Five Million was budgeted!) with the only result being the necessity of firing the employees – which were hired and trained before a construction loan was obtained. And now the CEO believes we, the members, should purchase more C Shares to cover current operating needs..? Possibly, of course we love our Coop, but logic would dictate that he clear the monkeys from the wheelhouse first. Why hasn’t this been done..? There is intrigue at the bottom of that question, but we do not promulgate hearsay. Every number and event mentioned on this site already exists in black and white for he or she who digs. The author has a 45 year perspective and, in the past, has dedicated alot of unpaid time to this organization. We are not trying to sink the ship we are trying to save it.

5 thoughts on “Monkeys In The Wheelhouse?

  1. Who is the CEO advising the GM? What about the NCG agenda? Where was the $5 mil.gonna come from for the re-model? How secure is the Arcata Mkt? Why is the Safeway Union part of our local market?

    This is an intentional destruction of a great local market,

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    1. I’ve seen the budget. Sorry to say it’ll prolly be to Michelle in HR. I believe that the ” food cart remodel 5 million and made my mark hot deli area project” is allotted about another 130 K next year to use a hood that’s bought already. That and button sales.


  2. Mary Ella Anderson December 12, 2018 — 4:39 pm

    Melanie does not take instructions from the board and Colin is very reluctant to give it. The gives some credence to the idea that the two of them were friends before he started attending meetings although they both deny any personal relationship. However, non-members who also worked on the Madrone supervisor campaign say that the officers and Melanie worked as a team on the campaign and never reported any of this to their fellow board members.


  3. If the Northcoast Co-op was a ship, the General Manager would be the captain, right? Does anyone remember the Costa Concordia? It’s the Italian cruise ship that crashed on the rocks after the captain steered off course on an ill conceived, ill advised, unnecessary, and unsafe excursion. People lost their lives. The captain was stripped of command and then jailed.

    Thankfully, no lives have been lost during the current Co-op financial misadventure, but LIVELIHOODS have been lost! Highly skilled, dedicated, and valuable people have lost their jobs.

    The good ship Co-op can be set on course again. But not by a leader whose duly noted expertise lies in mid level administration and policy shaping.

    The Co-op deserves a professional retail executive at the helm, preferably with crisis management experience. Someone with the charisma to rally the troops. Someone able to make collaborative decisions that benefit all Co-op stakeholders. The staff, members and customers, vendors and community partners, all have a deeply vested interest in ensuring that the Co-op survives and thrives.

    I suggest the Co-op board of directors execute their fiduciary duty and start an executive search for a new GM immediately. Don’t wait until January 2019. The present GM will only take the Co-op down further if she is not replaced well before her contract expires in November 2019.


    Gary Pellow
    Member 21559

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  4. Mary Ella Anderson December 14, 2018 — 5:51 pm

    I don’t understand the reference to the “Safeway Union.” The union represents grocery store workers. the union doesn’t belong to Safeway. Unions are a good thing. When we had strong unions, we had a healthy middle class, a good economy and stable families. The union is not responsible for the poor management. That’s on the board leadership and the GM.

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