Democracy Requires Freedom of Speech

Recent dissonance in Coop Board Meetings has prompted the Human Resources director to “instruct” Colin Fiske to ask a Member  to not disrupt or be barred from the meetings.  This was following a lengthy complaint by several members who expressed dismay that “we’ve been here several sessions and nobody does anything about our suggestions and next session it’s not even mentioned. There is a disconnect between us out here and you (Fiske) up there” . When Melanie, the General Manager ( paid $500 a day) , stood up and responded with a report about breakfast burritos, Member #117 became perturbed, raised his hand, rose and explained that there was a funded ad hoc Members’ consortium organized to remove Fiske and Bettenhousen.  After he walked out the HR director, Michelle, told Colin to bar him from the meetings. Nice open discussion !

2 thoughts on “Democracy Requires Freedom of Speech

  1. Silencing people is not how Democracy works!

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  2. Mary Ella Anderson December 8, 2018 — 10:06 pm

    The article by Ryan Burns has been posted on the Lost Coast Outpost. It is a good account, at least he represented my comments the way I remember them. He also gives out the address of this blog. Let the discussions begin.

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