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The CEO and GM have been controlling the narrative and covering their tracks for more than a year. These mistakes, which are the result of the inexperience of these two kids in management positions, are borne by the workers families in the short term, and in the long term, by the producers of vegetables in this region. As local producers who have sold their produce to the Coop, the sponsors of this website are concerned with losing their market. For a vegetable farmer it is imperative to establish a contractual market for his crop before he even plants it. There are not many establishments which will do this. The coop is one of very few. For the member / owner of the coop this is important for two reasons. The first reason is that the differentiation of our Coop is based on the incredible quality of locally grown vegetables. As this region turns its attention to future local sustainability , it becomes clear that we will rely on these local farmers to feed us in the event of earthquake, fire, tsunami, or deluge – and the isolating devastation these events will inevitably cause. We need our Coop to stay open. The CEO and General Manager have co-created a $733,000 operating loss. THEY MUST GO for trust and recovery to be start. Simple as that.

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