The Sitch Is Shaky

The current CEO and General Manager have guided our iconic organization to a $733,000.00 net operating loss and worked incessantly to obfuscate the magnitude. These two incompetent posers have to be removed before more damage is done. Please help save our coop.

8 thoughts on “The Sitch Is Shaky

  1. Executive and management incompetence may be one aspect of these operating losses, but new recent competition (most recently the new Grocery Outlet and Eureka Natural Foods both in Mc-Ville), may also represent a serious existential challenge for the COOP going forward.


    1. Yep, that’s the company line . Phil Ricord at Wildberries is not struggling, however.


    2. True, but for these outfits to commit to startups it means that their analysis of the Coop management is the same as mine, conducted during investigation over the past three months.


    3. The finance committee voted to send a statement to the board last week at the 11/29/18 meeting. The approved statement was as follows,
      “The financial information that the finance committee has been given is good enough now to give us a picture of what is going on, unlike the last six quarters and that what that picture says from a financial standpoint is that things are deteriorating and management is not fixing them, from the point of view of planning projects, from the point of view of building sales, to the point of view of controlling costs. Regarding finances we are experts and this is what we see.”

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      1. OK Coop Guy, so it means that after three years of General Manager Bettenhousen, the finance committee can say with reasonable accuracy that she lost the Coop $733,000 and no end in sight? Is that all? Can’t she get Colin to ask her to hock the building and lose that money too? C ‘ mon! Before her contract runs out !


  2. This is what happens when your pretentious sensibilities come up against reality. Go back to arcata, stay small (like wild berries) and make Larry the CEO and head of HR. His smile is the ONLY reason this ex employee even bothers to stop there.

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    1. I agree that they are pretentious sensibilities, but greater is the importance of being earnest.


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